Termite Inspections
We use the experience of the inspector and a digital machine called termatrac which bounces a microwave into the wall to detect termites and with this machine we can track termites back to their entry point. Areas inspected are roof cavity, inside the building, under the building were possible, around the property within 50 metres of the house. We then make suggestions and recommendations on the findings & supply a typed report.

Pump Up Or Replenishment Systems
this is a system that uses pipes are buried in the ground around the building that are then pressurised and a liquid termite chemical pumped under pressure into the pipes. The pipes have holes in them and the chemical under pressure oozes from the pipes and forms a barrier or treated zone in the ground around the building or under the building. This system can be used in Pre Construction, Post Construction, Under Slab, Perimeter, Foaming.
Physical Barriers
We use Home Guard. This is a barrier that is installed under the slab, on top of the slab into the cavity wall forming the treatment and the buildings dampcourse at the same time and also the penetration points of the building using homegaurd collars or wraps.

Termite Treatments
We do several different treatments- -Baiting treatment- Using Exterra or Rekon systems we can bait termites from their nest into a box. The bait is killing the termites as we are drawing the nest into the box. These systems are also use as as early warning systems too.
Bees & Wasps Treatment
We kill them inside the nest to ensure we have got the queen whether in the house wall, ground, tree etc.
Pre Purchase Inspections
This is were we inspect the property that you are about to buy using termitrac digital vision and the knowelege of the pest inspector. We inspect the sub floor area, inside the house and inside the roof void/ cavity area and around the property grounds or within 50mtrs of the building and supply you with a typed report outlining the findings good or bad and supply you with our recommendations.

Ant Treatments
are best to be done by treated the nest with either liquid, bait or powder depending on the situation

Silver Fish Treatment
This is usually done in dark areas, or areas where books, newspappers are stored.
Liquid treatment
Using chemical to create a barrier in the ground around the building against the footings and piers to stop the termites from accessing the building or under the slab if it is a new building under construction.
Spider Spray
This service is done to the exterior of the building and inside the building if needed we deweb the building inside & outside were possible.
Rodent Baiting
We bait using 7 day knock down and one dose poison and sticky pads. Baiting is usually done in sub floor and roof cavity areas and hot spot areas inside the building where required.
Cockroach Treatments
are done by treating the nesting areas, cavities, under benches etc with baits, sticky pads and powders.

Bed Bug Treatment
This treatment is never the same but you end up treating the mattress and the room and everything in the room from curtains to carpet, walls, bed, side tables, mattress and room is usually unusable for a period of time.